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Five Items You Need to Make Your Kids’ First Hunting Experience a Success

Taking your kid on their first hunting trip is important – if everything goes well, your child may be interested in a hobby that the two of you can share for years, but if it doesn’t, your child may get bored and frustrated and not want to return. In addition to safety tips and camouflage clothing, here’s what you need to bring to make your child’s first hunt a success:

1. Compass

Before you go on your hunting trip, think of ways to get your child involved. He or she likely doesn’t want to just sit around and wait while you shoot. If your child is not old enough to shoot, get him or her involved in charting your course with a compass from an army disposals store.

2. A Bowie Knife

If you are shooting large game and your child is too young to get a hunting license or …

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Four Must Have Accessories to Give your Caravan Trailer the Comforts of Home

When you use a caravan trailer as a weekend getaway option, there are a few comforts that you leave behind. In fact, you may not even miss them if you are only out in the caravan for two or three days. The longer you stay in the caravan, the more noticeable these comforts, or lack thereof, become. If you want to have a taste of home while you are enjoying your getaway, consider these must-have accessories.

Air Conditioning

Most caravan trailers are equipped with some form of heating and cooling. If yours is an older model, or it doesn’t have a working unit, this is likely one of the first comforts you’ll begin to miss. If you plan on longer getaway trips and vacations, you may want to consider investing in a solid air conditioner unit. Most caravan sales lots can install these units for you on the site. If …

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