Convert Your Luxury-Loving Partner Into A Camping Enthusiast With These 3 Camper Trailer Features

Posted on: 18 May 2017

Camping is a much loved holiday option for many Australians. Enjoying the beautiful and varied landscapes and experiencing the great outdoors is an appealing option for many people. If you're a camping fan but your significant other would prefer a luxury five-star hotel, then you may be having trouble convincing them that a camping holiday is a good idea.

If your spouse or partner hates the idea of sleeping in a tent or roughing it on a blow-up air bed, then a camping trailer may be the thing that changes their mind. Modern camping trailers have evolved from being a simple tent on wheels to fully kitted out home-away-from-home luxury camping accommodation.

If you're looking for a camper trailer which will tempt even the most die-hard anti-camping partner to head off on an adventure, then here are three must-have features for your new camper trailer.

1. A hard floor model

Many camper trailers have a soft floor which is similar in looks and comfort to a tent. Instead opt for a hard floor model which means that the main part of the camper feels more like a solid, comfortable room. Hard floor campers also have insulation which protects you from the extremes of hot or cold weather which can make camping less enjoyable.

2. An onboard bathroom

The indignity of the midnight trek to a communal toilet block or sharing showers rooms with strangers is often a major drawback for reluctant campers. Fortunately, this inconvenience can be avoided by choosing a camper trailer model that has an onboard bathroom.

This feature is generally only available in hard floor models. Camper trailer bathrooms aren't very spacious, but they do provide you with the private facilities that will placate your unenthusiastic camping companion.

3. A solar power system

One of the attractions of camper trailers is that they can be taken off the beaten track to beautiful but remote areas of the country. With this peace and solitude comes a lack of amenities, and many bush and beach campsites won't provide access to electricity.

For a camping-phobic partner, lack of electricity will probably equate to a lack of mod-cons such as smartphones, tablets or even simply having electric lighting. A solar power system can make this problem a non-issue. Include an integrated storage battery and you'll have ample electricity even when the weather has been overcast.

If your significant other is still not convinced that camping is for them, take them for a visit to your local camper trailer sales yard. Once they see how comfortable and luxurious camping can be, then you'll be off on an adventure in no time at all.

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